Don’t Forget Uncle Guiseppe’s

I feel like we’re sleeping on Uncle Guiseppe’s.

The diminutive Italian deli, which shares a parking lot with D & B Supply, adds a blast of Bronx bravado to the Northwest Boise suburbs. Seconds after you step through the door, the owner will be lecturing you about their Boar’s Head meats, sub sandwiches, and daily soups.

The dining room at Uncle Guiseppe’s.

You could pick up some Italian meats and head straight for your bed at home, but then you’d be missing what, for my money, is a darn good sub sandwich.

Sub sandwiches, as we all know, are uniquely craveable. We’ve all had that one day where we can’t stop fantasizing about layer after layer of cold cuts… topped with provolone and drizzled with oil and vinegar in a huge squishy roll and… where was I again?

These are the sort of fantasies you get to live out at Uncle Guiseppe’s. I recently dropped by to chow down on a 6-inch meatball sub and a cup of New England clam chowder.

I know the sandwich looks like a car accident, but it was still pretty good.

The chowder was very solid — well seasoned, with lots of potatoes and clams. The meatball sub was a delicious disaster. The squishy bread, the melty cheese, the sauce all over my face, shirt and shoes… it all added up to nice comfort food.

And the footlong subs are so immense that you might have to cry uncle around 8 inches.

There’s something like 18 sandwiches to check out. (I’ve tried a grand total of five.) If you take the plunge, send me a portrait mode photo of your gorgeous sub! And if you’re a regular at Guiseppe’s let me hear your go-to order.


One thought on “Don’t Forget Uncle Guiseppe’s

  1. James

    I have been going there for years.My Favorite Sandwich is the #3 Bonanza (Salami,prosciutto,Capri ham, mortadella,roasted bell peppers,fresh basil,balsamic vinegar,salt,pepper,lettuce,tomato)Mamma Mia 🙂


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