The 5 Best Things I Ate in 2018

Last year, I put thousands of pounds of food in my mouth. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the meals that were most important to me in 2018.

This was very tough to narrow down. There are several meals I feel bad leaving out. But I can’t spend any more time scrolling through pictures of food on my phone.

Honorable and Mentionable

Before we get to the top-shelf stuff, I have to give shoutouts to the unsung heroes in my eating life.  

Complimentary Bread

It was a great year for my ongoing, very passionate, relationship with complimentary bread. But two free loaves stand apart from the rest.

  1. The complimentary bread at Luciano’s Italian Restaurant is absolutely bonkers.
  2. The brown bread at Cheesecake Factory is a toasty, sweet dream.
  3. When I found out that the Cheesecake Factory sells their bread at Albertsons… I knelt in the supermarket like I was Tim Tebow and the year was 2009.

Black Beans

I couldn’t stand a week on this Earth without black beans. In 2018, I ate four cans of black beans per week. They are my rock and my inspiration. To every last legume I scarfed in 2018, I say, thank you.

The Lola

The Lola at Janjou Patisserie still might be the best bite in Boise, but I’ve talked about it enough already.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, my favorite things!

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Stay on a Budget, Eat Like a Baller

Eaters rejoice! From Friday, Oct. 26 to Sunday, Nov. 4, restaurants across downtown will be offering delicious and affordable prix fixe menus!

Dine Out Downtown Boise is a beautiful cooperation between the Downtown Boise Association and 29 downtown restaurants. They combine forces to create a brilliant ten days of eating. It’s the perfect way to kick off the holiday weight gain.

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