I created an instant burrito button for my iPhone. You can too.

Technology should make your life easier.

Burritos are my go-to quick bite. But I always order ahead by phone so I can speed things up and jam some beans into my commute.

But I grew tired of looking up Baja Fresh’s number over and over again. I found myself wondering, was there a better way?

There was.

That’s why today I’m teaching you how to turn your iPhone into an instant burrito ordering machine.

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Good Burger Claims It Serves the Best Fries in Idaho. How Do They Stack Up?

Good Burger just entered the downtown marketplace, and they didn’t do it quietly. The founder of the burgeoning burger chain recently claimed that they serve “the best fries in Idaho.”

Now, any time you declare yourself the best at anything, you’re probably wrong. Good Burger’s audacious claim is nothing more than shrewd marketing.

But it’s a marketing trap that I will gladly fall for! Enticed by Good Burger’s confidence, I decided to compare it to competing local chain (and member of many a “best French fries” listicle) Boise Fry Company.

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I Fell in Love With Nut Cheese

I never thought I could be converted. Nut-based cheese imitations have been, for most of human history, absolute trash. But then I discovered a product called Kite Hill, and, I know this sounds crazy, but I literally believed this stuff was real cheese for three weeks.

Kite Hill, and the equally excellent Treeline, set themselves apart because the nuts are ground to the point of absolute smoothness and then introduced to cultures just like actual cheese. The result is a beautiful substance that I actually prefer to cream cheese.

I know what you’re thinking: “Great Henry, you found an acceptable replacement for cream cheese, which is barely a type of cheese. You’ll have to pry my cheddar from my cold, dead hands.”

I fully admit that there is no replacement for brie on baguette or aged gouda on a cracker. In those situations, you are eating the cheese to experience the peerless complexity of its flavor.

But much of the time, cheese is replaceable. Sure, it adds richness to the veggies on your sandwich, and it builds a bridge between the beans and salsa in a burrito. But in those situations, the actual flavor profile of the cheese is entirely minimized. You think that you need the cheese, but you really just need the fat.

Nut cheese can supply the fat we need. After all, it is pretty much a distillation of the fat present in nuts. Nut cheese alone on a cracker may not impress you, but mixed with other flavors—in a saucy enchilada or hefty lasagna—it is indistinguishable from the real thing. And it’s way healthier.

So the next time you’re making a meal and you want to cast dairy in a supporting role, think seriously about what nut cheese can do for you. ∎

The Dairy Industry Is Having a Cow

This is the first of two posts evaluating the viability of nut-based fake cheese.

Milk consumption in the United States is falling faster than a Holstein with a defective parachute, and alternative milks—from soy milk to pea milk—are a big reason why.

How obsessed is America with alternative milk? New York City recently experienced an oat milk shortage… and there was widespread panic.

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Is Your Body Ready?

We spend a lot of time—I spend a lot of time—talking about food. We pick apart every morsel and molecule of our meals, analyzing the taste, texture, appearance, and of course mouthfeel.

But sometimes, my friends, I fear we’ve got this all wrong. I fear that in our endless quest for better bites, we have forgotten who eats the food.

It’s us.

We eat the food.


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In Defense of Buffalo Wild Wings

I visited Buffalo Wild Wings last night to watch the NBA playoffs. It was, in a word, transcendent.

Buffalo Wild Wings is a really good restaurant. I am not being sarcastic or ironic. I’m being serious. I already want to go back.

To begin with, this place is filled, I mean filled, with televisions, all of them showing sporting events. The TVs are so constant and unspeakably gigantic that you can rotate your head 180 degrees and never stop looking at Steph Curry.

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