Foodfort Changes Lanes With “Street Eats”

Treefort descends on Boise once a year, but I think Foodfort’s Street Eats should be a monthly occurrence.

Inspired by the night markets of Asia, the Street Eats event brought together eight of Boise’s finest restaurateurs. They set up shop in the Basque Center and served up killer small plates for 300 lucky people.

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Why Are We Eating at Chipotle?

Fast-casual Mexican is like a good friend or a stain-removing pen—it’s always there when you need it.

There are healthier, tastier, and more interesting types of food. But nothing will ever support you in a moment of emotional difficulty like a warm $8 burrito.

One of the best things you can do for your quality of life is learn to appreciate the subtle beauty of fast-casual Mexican. And I’m here to help… with an authoritative ranking of the fast-casual Mexican food establishments in Boise.

(These rankings are based on the burrito at each place, the true measure of fast-casual Mexican.)

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