2021 Food Year’s Resolutions

Good eaters stay hungry; they never stop improving their craft and elevating their experience.

I spent the first two weeks of 2021 pondering how I want to grow as an eater.

Here are my resolutions:

  1. I will only use deli containers.

Almost all plastic containers are a travesty. They come in way too many shapes and sizes. They suck at storing soup. And you have a better chance of finding stolen treasure than a matching lid.

That’s why I invested $18 in a giant set of deli containers. These babies stack like jenga blocks. They come in 3 useful sizes. And they all have the same lid.

I cannot overstate the impact this had on my home cooking. I will never go back.

  1. I will fry more eggs.

Scrambled eggs are so simple. So reliable. So unlikely to set off the smoke alarm.

But none of that matters, because they can’t ooze into hash browns. My yolks will run in 2021.

  1. I will stop apologizing for loving vinegar.

I wasted too much time last year justifying my vinegar usage — which some might describe as extreme.

This year I will pour the greatest condiment without shame.

And anyway, most sauces are just vinegar in disguise.

  1. I will support the many restaurants I love.

Life will look a lot more normal this summer, but until then restaurants will be hanging by a thread.

If we buy gift cards, takeout, and delivery whenever possible, we can make sure our favorite places will still be there to celebrate the end of this nightmare.

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