I created an instant burrito button for my iPhone. You can too.

Technology should make your life easier.

Burritos are my go-to quick bite. But I always order ahead by phone so I can speed things up and jam some beans into my commute.

But I grew tired of looking up Baja Fresh’s number over and over again. I found myself wondering, was there a better way?

There was.

That’s why today I’m teaching you how to turn your iPhone into an instant burrito ordering machine.

To build this perfect tool, you have to use Apple’s Shortcuts app. (Shortcuts makes it easy to automate an incredible number of tasks. Even burrito haters should check it out.)

Apple’s Shortcuts app is immensely powerful and flexible.

Once you have the Shortcuts app downloaded, you can start building your magic burrito button:

First, create a new shortcut.

Add a prompt, and type in “Which burrito?”

Then type in all the places you regularly grab burritos. For me, this is the Boise Co-Op and Baja Fresh.

Then, add the phone numbers for both places, and then add the “call” action. Now when you choose a burrito provider, it will instantly dial them.

I also like to have my phone send me a congratulatory text when I order a burrito.

Now you’ve built the perfect burrito workflow. But how do you trigger it?

There are two ways:

1. Create a custom Siri command. I set mine to “It’s go time.”

So when my phone is in the room, all I have to say is, “Hey Siri, it’s go time” and my phone orders me a freaking burrito.


2. Make yourself an epic button on the home screen. Just tap the settings in the top right corner. Name this shortcut “burrito hotline”, add a picture of a burrito and save the shortcut to your home screen.

Now you have a button that instantly brings burritos into your life.

How to afford all those burritos… well let’s just say that’s a code I haven’t cracked yet.

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