Foodfort Changes Lanes With “Street Eats”

Treefort descends on Boise once a year, but I think Foodfort’s Street Eats should be a monthly occurrence.

Inspired by the night markets of Asia, the Street Eats event brought together eight of Boise’s finest restaurateurs. They set up shop in the Basque Center and served up killer small plates for 300 lucky people.

Every restaurant had its own take on street food, but the abundance of lettuce wraps was striking — The Wylder, Lime and a Coconut, and Camel’s Crossing each produced a carb-resistant wrap. The Wylder was especially impressive, nestling sweet Hoi An-style pork in butter lettuce. (Butter lettuce is perpetually underrated, and we need to fix that.)

Pickled veggies and herbs on the lettuce wrap from The Wylder.

Petite 4 drenched hefty tortilla chips in house-made mole topped with cotija cheese, pickled red onions and plump golden raisins. These nachos were proof that there is no cuisine that Sarah Kelly cannot master.

(Related exciting news: Bleubird sandwiches will soon be served at Roosevelt Market. )

Wildroot packed bowls of Thai curry with pork belly and fried eggplant. I loved the firm, battered exterior of the soft eggplant.

Zee’s Rooftop celebrated a rare trip to the ground level with bulgogi skewers aside a pickled boiled egg and kimchi.

The pickled egg was a pleasant change of pace.

The most innovative dish belonged to Madre, who departed from tacos to serve rice cakes with Spanish chorizo and kimchi. The rice cakes were texturally unique — imagine Boba balls combined with gnocchi — and cloaked in a creamy, spicy kimchi sauce. I have yet to eat a combination of fat and kimchi that isn’t stupid good.

The epic rice cakes from Madre.

The STIL provided typically brilliant ice cream. My scoop of raspberry, goat cheese and walnut was bold and savory. But I was a little surprised that the line for ice cream dwarfed the line at any other table. Why don’t we fan over kimchi like we fan over dessert? ∎

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