One Giant Step Fork Mankind

At many times in life, we become tied, whether by our own ignorance or the constant pressure toward cultural conformity, to a certain way of doing things.

The way we hold our forks is an example of this mindless traditionalism. All of us hold our forks a certain way, like this:

I’m 94% sure this is how Americans hold their forks.

This method of fork holding works fine… until you have to use the greatest of tableware, the shallow bowl.

Watch what happens when I use the traditional fork holding position with a shallow bowl:

Image 2
Shallow bowls are the best; they excel at containing liquids, they’re perfect for pasta, and their gentle slopes make it easy to soak up excess sauce with bread.


That’s strike one against the American fork holding position.

And then there’s the matter of wrist risk.

My wrist is running parallel to—or even away from—my mouth as I secure the food on the fork, so I have to pivot my wrist back toward my mouth to eat:

Image 4.gif
I’m not a doctor, but surely this is not ergonomic.

One of my most important joints is in danger!

I am sure that you are now deeply alarmed by this whole fork holding crisis.

So, what’s the solution?

Image 5.gif
Notice how the entirety of my hand is ABOVE the fork. The tines remain faced upward, ready to scoop.


With Henry’s Fork Holding Integrated Strategy 2.0 (patent pending), eating is no longer an ungainly, wrist heavy task. In fact, it’s a total breeze.

And because my hand is now fully above the fork handle, it’s ready for shallow bowls, deep bowls, and the flattest of plates:

Image 6.gif
I use this technique to shovel down macaroni and cheese at extreme speeds.

This discovery is nothing short of a paradigm shift, an intellectual victory over our greatest utensil.

I have to stop writing now because these GIFs are giving me a headache.∎

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