I Found All-You-Can-Eat Mexican Food Downtown

Yesterday, I was walking along in downtown Boise, and I thought to myself: I want an alarmingly large pile of meat, rice and beans, but no restaurant serves that. And I felt a little bit sad.

But then, at that very moment, I turned and saw a sign pinned outside El Gallo Giro on Main street. It said that they serve all-you-can-eat Mexican food for $9.43 on Tuesdays.

And it was Tuesday.

Take that, atheists.

I haven’t always been an outspoken El Gallo supporter, but this buffet is a taco night fever dream stuffed into a Tuesday afternoon. This is special. There’s at least six types of meat, hard and soft shell tortillas, little complimentary bean bowls, verde salsa with a little zip… they even have a bin full of quesadillas.

This was the second of three plates. I know it looks like I made an onion taco, but that’s just because I hadn’t started building my tiny masterpieces.
Much like an Arby’s commercial, they have the meats.

And, may I remind you… it is All. You. Can. Eat.

Which means the only thing between you and happiness is your sense of personal shame. ∎

2 thoughts on “I Found All-You-Can-Eat Mexican Food Downtown

  1. Ardith Tate

    Ok, Henry I want you to try Gil’s K9 , I think on 26th and Fairview. Friday and Saturday night they serve a gigantic shrimp and crab salad. Get there early!


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