Bánh Mì, Oh My

Baguette Deli is Boise’s most well-known supplier of Bánh mì, a beautiful category of sandwich that was invented when savory Vietnamese flavors and fillings met the French baguette. The bustling lunch spot is tucked into the side of the Fred Meyer on Orchard and Franklin streets.

The sandwiches offer respectable meat and a fresh bundle of veggies tucked into a flaky and chewy segment of baguette. A generous burst of cilantro and a subtle smear of a delightful mayonnaise variant make each bite exciting.

The grilled beef sandwich is, in this reviewer’s humble opinion, the finest sandwich on the menu.

But the bread isn’t outstanding; it’s too dry and the uniform pattern on the bottom reveals its factory origins. The mayo is barely there, and the sandwich feels spare unless you pay up for extra meat and extra veggies. The flavors are merely the sum of their parts. In a truly great sandwich, the intersections between flavors become flavors of their own.

The return on investment, however, is hard to argue with. Sandwiches start at $4.95, undercutting the boldest Subway promotions. Your sandwich appears on the counter less than three minutes after you order it. When you combine that with the abundant free parking, satisfying your hunger doesn’t get much easier.

Baguette Deli isn’t a one-trick pony. They offer pho and a variety of boba teas and smoothies. If you’re on the West Bench and feeling peckish, you’d be wise to stop by.

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