Rules of the Blog

I told you my blog was coming back. But what does that really mean? What can you, one of my six loyal readers, expect moving forward?

If you visit this page regularly (or follow me on Twitter), you can expect two things:

  1. A blog post every week. I will try my best to write two or even three, but one is my guarantee. These posts will include thoughtful restaurant reviews, exciting new recipes, and so much more.
  2. An interview with someone cool in the food world every month, starting in May.

If more people start reading this blog, here are some other things that could happen:

  1. Long-term projects (for instance, I have long dreamed of determining the best Indian food in Boise using comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis)
  2. A return to food podcasting
  3. Group-sourced culinary ‘Best Of’ awards
  4. I will finally figure out whether I prefer Cholula or Tapatio.

But for now, you will get 1-3 morsels of food writing every week! I am so happy for all of us.  These are going to be the best years of our lives.

One thought on “Rules of the Blog

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