The Food Blog is Back

In the words of George Costanza, I’M BACK BABY.

That’s right, our long national nightmare has ended. Eating with Henry hath risen, and it is getting Joan Rivers levels of reconstructive surgery. I’m making it more consistent, more ambitious, and more awesome.

Now you might be saying, “Henry your blog had seven unique visitors per month. Why bring it back at all?” That’s not an unfair question. But here is my response:

Reason to bring the blog back #1: Maybe the blog only had seven unique visitorsbut it had hundreds of hits every month because my grandma never stopped reloading it.

Reason to bring the blog back #2: Six people told me they miss this food blog. Six people. That’s basically a public outcry for my writing. The Rolling Stones have started a reunion tour for less.

I believe in democracy. When the people speak up and ask for more impish posts about salsa bars, I honor their wishes.

Now I’m making it sound like the decision to start blogging again was easy. It wasn’t. In fact, it was the hardest choice I ever had to make. But I didn’t make it alone. I was guided by the one man who really knows what it’s like to come out of retirement:

I watched this video over and over. I couldn’t get Brett Favre’s drawl out of my head: “You always gon wonder, what if.”

If I walked away from the food blog game, I might be missing my chance to become the next legendary food critic. And if I missed my chance to be a legendary food critic, I would have missed an opportunity to eat hundreds of free meals.

The thought of missing out on even a single free meal makes me convulse. The possibility, however remote, that I could be missing out on hundreds of free meals makes me want to throw myself into shark-infested waters. Where free food may present itself, I am bound to go.

So, 304 days after my last contact with the culinary world, let’s talk about food.

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