[EXCLUSIVE] How I Curried My Family’s Favor With One Simple Dinner

Yep, we’re talking about curry. Specifically, a curry I made Saturday night, when I desired a healthy home-cooked meal.

It was a very basic curry, which was quick and easy to make, and a little bit underwhelming flavor wise. In hindsight, I should have hunted down some Kaffir lime leaves to get a more classic curry flavor. I also should have made it in a normal pan, not a wok. Alas.

It started as a simple sauté of onions, garlic, and ginger in (supposedly) heart healthy coconut oil. 


To which I added some carrots and peppers…


… and it wouldn’t be a party without asparagus. 

Then I added in my curry flavor and let it sauté with the veggies to get some good flavor going (or at least I hoped as much). 

And finally, I added three cans of coconut milk, some lime juice, and let it all simmer down like an angry 5th grader in time out. 


My creation is pictured here with its co-stars: “jasmine rice” and “bowl”.
Though mild, my meal was decidedly inoffensive. I enjoyed it. My family was also pleased. 

But, in my heart of hearts, I have a deep desire to craft a richer curry… A restless beast within me yearns to create a curry so smooth and effusively flavorful that people will eye me suspiciously, asking “is this takeout?”
But what are we, if not our dreams of Asian cuisine? 

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