Delicious Homemade Pizza (with minor corporate assistance)

Homemade pizza is one of the most enjoyable dinner party centerpieces. It has so many things going for it — it’s delicious, cooks quickly, and allows each person at any given gathering to construct their own Italian masterpiece. However, for us mere mortals, pizza dough is an intimidating foe to welcome into our kitchen, especially on a weeknight.


But everyone knows that putting great toppings on bad crust is like casting Cameron Diaz in your acclaimed 18th century biopic. It just won’t work, and you’ll end up hating yourself. A pizza can only go as far as it’s dough. So what’s a person to do?

This is precisley where Trader Joes comes in. Forefather of delicious convenience, our buddy Joe offers large quantities of pre-made pizza dough on the cheap. Moments after removing it from the fridge you can be rolling out delicious crust out on just a bit of cornmeal.


I was introduced to this very item on Thursday night, when I made pizzas at the home of my personal culinary sensei, and close family friend, Pam Saindon. The Trader Joes offering was equal to, if not superior to, any homemade crust I had previously experienced.  And the notable benefit of premade crust, of course, is that you get more time to focus on your toppings arsenal.

Pictured here: goat, mozzarella, ricotta and parmesan cheeses; olives, peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and artichoke hearts.

So off we went on constructing a bevy of homemade pizzas and calzones. I found the crust on our pizza to be thin and of an excellent consistency. It brought necessary flavor without stepping on the rest of the ingredients.

As for my own creations, I have a tendency to overtop by pizzas. As you can imagine, my experiment with double layered cheese went poorly. However, I did have great success with mushrooms and ricotta cheese (biting into a dollop of ricotta cheese atop a pizza is truly a divine pleasure).

A pizza enjoying the toasty 500 degree weather.

Once your homemade pizza machine gets moving, it can keep pumping out hot and ready pizza for as long as your mozzarella reserves can sustain it. Everyone can take a crack at making a delicious pie. This means you could be eating for literally hours on end (I know, I was excited about this too).

One trip to the supermarket, and this delightful pizza procession could be yours today.


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